Car Side Mirrors Anti-Rain And Snow Eyebrow

Car Side Mirrors Anti-Rain And Snow Eyebrow

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Keep your side mirrors clear and drive safer


  • On a rainy dayrain blurred the rearview mirror and the rear road conditions can not be observed clearly, which makes driving very dangerous. The rainproof blades help to block the rain, offering you a more clear rear view and safer driving.

  • On a sunny day, the blades reduce the dust attached to the rearview mirror.
  • 2Pcs rainproof blades with adhesive tape on the back, easy to install on dual sides of the car's rearview mirror.
  • Flexible can be bent to suit most of the vehicle models as long as the mirror is around 18cm wide.

  • Made of translucent PVC, match with any color mirror.


  • Please install the rainproof blades on a sunny day.
  • Before installation, thoroughly clean the inside of the rearview mirror.
  • In cold weather, you'd better heat the adhesive tape by a hairdryer.
  • After installation, press the blades firmly for 6~10 minutes to ensure a good grip of the adhesive.
  • Do not wash the car in three days.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: Approx. 18*5.5cm / 7.1*2.2in

Package included :

  • 1Pair x Flexible Mirror Cover (2PCS)


  • 2Pairs x Flexible Mirror Cover (4PCS)

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