Gothic Punk ring - New Wolves - unique & trendy stuff
Gothic Punk ring - New Wolves - unique & trendy stuff
Gothic Punk ring - New Wolves - unique & trendy stuff
Gothic Punk ring - New Wolves - unique & trendy stuff
Gothic Punk ring - New Wolves - unique & trendy stuff
Gothic Punk ring - New Wolves - unique & trendy stuff
Gothic Punk ring - New Wolves - unique & trendy stuff

Gothic Punk ring

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Gothic Punk Ring 


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In ancient China, the four most beasts that were the most demon and fearful and the magical powers were Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku and Xuanwu. Qinglong is the god of the East; White Tiger is the god of the West; Suzaku is the god of the South; Xuanwu is the god of the North, the turtle and the snake fit.


In ancient times, the ancients divided the heavens into the four north and south palaces of the East and the West, named after Qinglong (Canglong), Baihu, Suzaku, and Xuanwu (a kind of turtle-shaped god). In fact, the sky is divided into four parts, formed by the seven main star connections in each part, named after their shape.


Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku, and Xuanwu have become the four gods who guard the heavenly officials, and they have turned evil and adjusted yin and yang. Among the four gods, Qinglong and Baihu are mainly used by people as heroes of evil spirits. Their images appear on palaces, temples, gates or tombs and their objects. In the last case, The dragon has not helped the tomb to ascend to heaven, but to defend the evil spirits of the tomb.

Qinglong Baihuzhang Quartet, Zhuque Xuanwu Shun Yinyang, the four spirits of the Holy Beast Canglong, Baihu, Suzaku, Xuanwu Tianzhi, although rarely appear in European and American fantasy, but in the myths and legends of China and Japan, they are extremely noble The identity of the four holy animals appeared.

Qinglong,69SN0PCF4%H0FWTY@~J1@OU also known as "Canglong", the god of the East in ancient mythology. The dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation. Since the Yellow Emperor gave orders to the heavens and the Weize Square, the dragon became a symbol of the Chinese nation and even the whole of China. The relatively clear shape was in the Han Dynasty. From the beginning of the Han Dynasty, the dragon was identified as the emperor. Symbol and representative. In the Eastern legend, Qinglong is like a long snake, a unicorn, a carp tail, a long beard, a horn like a deer, a five-claw, and a mighty look. In Western mythology, a dragon is more like a long-winged lizard.

White Tiger, the god of the West in ancient mythology. The shape is like a tiger, white, fierce, so it becomes a symbol of honor. At the same time, the white tiger also symbolizes the mighty and army. Therefore, many places in the ancient times with the name of the white tiger are related to the military affairs, such as the white tiger flag in the ancient army and the white tiger image on the soldier.

Suzakualso known as the "Zhu Bird", is like a phoenix, the god of the South in ancient mythology. Because it looks like a bird, it is located in the south, the fire attribute, so it often appears in the shape of a phoenix in the game. But in fact, Suzaku and Phoenix are two different creatures. The phoenix is the king of birds, but the Suzaku is the beast of the heavens. It is rarer and more noble than the phoenix, and its destructive power is stronger.

Xuanwu, also known as "Zhenwu", commonly known as "Zhengwu Emperor", is the god of Taoism. According to legend, the Prince of Gujingle King, born and fierce, traveled across the East China Sea, and was given a sword by the gods. He went to Wudang Mountain in Hubei Province for cultivation. After forty-two years of success, the day flies, the north of Weizhen, No. Xuanwujun . However, the Song Dynasty was jealous of Xuanzi, and it was renamed Zhenwu. Xuanwu also passed on itself as a large tortoise in the North Sea. This turtle was once used as a pillar to support the entire Penglai Xianshan. Because of its spiritual deep sense, after many years of listening and hearing, it finally achieved fruit. Therefore, there are many turtles in the mausoleum of the emperor, which is the secret of Xuanwu. In addition, Xuanwu is also called Xuan Ming, so it is also known as Bei Ming.



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